Nate Green

UX Designer

Hi, I’m Nate Green. I’m a full-stack UX designer, and I craft high-quality digital products and design systems.

Case Studies

Design system planning and development

MRI Software

As the design team at MRI Software grew, I created component libraries in Figma and worked with developers to implement code libraries as well. Over time Figma released new game-changing features—whenever that happened, I updated or remade the library components to take advantage of the latest capabilities.

Report Gateway automation and sharing

MRI Software

Over the course of several sprints, I designed features that solved for some of users' most common requests. Since these features were released in stages, they built on each other to form a powerful system for automating and distributing reports to financial and property management stakeholders.

Low-code web app development tool

MRI Software

When MRI Software needed to upgrade its web customization toolkit, I conducted research to assess key goals and pain points, then designed and prototyped a new tool for several iterations, conducting guerilla usability tests each sprint to keep our progress moving in the right direction.

Figma form components for MRI's design system

MRI Software

While building up the design system at MRI, forms were a pivotal pattern in the library. Creating high-quality Figma components enabled designers to work more quickly and consistently when building maintaining forms in their designs.

Figma Community

Questions and Answers on UX StackExchange


  • Why does the cursor type vary?

    In this answer, I gave a breakdown for a somewhat controversial detail in UI design / development: which cursor to use for buttons and links in web apps.

  • Is it a dark pattern to change Radio buttons into a Dropdown?

    The OP was concerned that switching from a dropdown to radio buttons might’ve been a dark pattern. I explain that just switching between controls isn’t a dark pattern, but it could be one if you’re doing it to hide important options from users.

  • Is this a parallax effect design?

    To answer this question about whether a particular design was “parallax,” I pulled in a definition of parallax and how the term was being used in designer circles to describe custom scroll-triggered behavior.